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Our Very Rough Kitchen Remodeling Experience

It’s been a long time since I sat down at my computer and wrote an article but I figured I would because I had a pleasant experience with a local kitchen contracting company. Since this is a business blog I figured I would detail my experience so I can relay my message and findings to a wider audience.

It was three months ago when my wife and I decided to remodel our kitchen. We hadn’t the slightest clue where to start. A family friend of ours, Joanne Federbush, told us she had used a local contractor and they did a bad job installing her kitchen countertops. Apparently it was so bad that the counters almost collapsed. Needless to say we were very wary of who we should go with after hearing that. We spoke with, I kid you not, dozens of contractors. Some were one-person companies others were huge contracting companies. Some were even family friends. My wife finally spoke to another friend of ours we met at our local chamber of commerce and he told us about a kitchen cabinet company he went with called (here is their Yelp profile).

I was a bit skeptical after hearing all the horror stories and not being convinced after the many contractors we spoke with but I decided to give them a ring and set up an appointment to come into their show room. It wasn’t long before I was put at ease by how much they knew and their prices (way below what others were asking). Apparently they work out deals with manufacturers directly instead of going through 3rd party companies. We spoke for at least an hour and a half before finalizing everything we wanted – cabinets, countertops, and a new sink.

When the contractors came, we opted to move out of the house for a few days while they worked. This just made it easier for everyone since they would be coming to the home at 7:30am and we like to sleep in. Plus, we wouldn’t be able to use our kitchen to eat anything. My wife wasn’t too happy about this part but it worked out in the end since we got to stay with old family friends we hadn’t seen in a while.

A few days past and we had our new kitchen. It was a surreal experience walking in and seeing everything all new and shiny. I was amazed.

In all it was a great experience and I’m happy we ended up doing it.

Definitely check out’s Facebook and Twitter profiles and give them a follow if you want.

Fence Company Review

I was driving down the block the other day and noticed a new business moved in – a fence company called Halls Fence. I stopped in to talk to the owner, since I am good friends with some contractors in the area. Will, the owner, was behind the desk and we started the chat. What a nice guy! I told him about this little blog I have and he asked if I would write up a review for him. Well, it’s more than just a review, I’ll be going over some of the stuff Halls Fence does and why you may want to consider them for your next fencing project.

First, let me mention that the interior of their showroom was spotless. I know this seems like something minor but for fence companies (especially in NJ) and contractors, their showrooms are usually a little messy. This is because they often times use them as storage places – a big problem! Halls Fence has just about every single type of fence you can imagine. They even had fencing that I had never heard of before.

Here is a brief overview of what they offer:

  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Chain Link
  • Split Rail
  • Pool
  • Deer
  • Horse

They also do custom jobs for residential property and businesses/commercial properties.

After hitting it off with Will, he invited me out to the job he was going to that day. It was a huge commercial job over in Wayne, NJ. I was astounded when he told me that they were going to finish the job in less than three days. How is this possible? Will has worked with the same crew for over seven years and has no inefficiencies in his workflow. They not only work hard, they work fast. This is another “plus” for them because there are a lot of fencing contractors out there that work as slow as molasses.

When we got back from the job he brought me back into the showroom and I had to ask him what his prices were. Since they have great fences and work fast, they must charge a lot, I thought. It turns out they have some of the best prices in New Jersey. This is because they work directly with the manufacturer. This cuts out the middle-man and allows them to pass the savings on to the customers.

I am super impressed with them as a company! They are definitely worth working with on your next fence contracting job.

Update On Hiatus

I would like to apologize to my readers for the fact that I have not updated this blog in over three weeks. Unfortunately a family member of mine has been going through some rough times with an alleged DUI conviction. When traveling to Chicago on St. Patricks day this year, our family was stopped at a DUI check point. Of course some of us had a few drinks at dinner but none were intoxicated. The police officer decided to do a DUI test on my 83 year old mother who had 1-2 glasses of wine. The test consists of balancing on one leg, something she already is not good with (being 83). Of course, they decided to arrest her for failing the test and blowing a 0.003.

This entire ordeal has been very emotionally draining. Fortunately, we have been blessed with a group of lawyers that truly cares about our predicament – Devorsetz Law. I was referred to them by an old friend, John Reynolds (from Reynolds Fence) since they worked with a family member of his. They have been nothing short of amazing in this situation. The trial was yesterday and we were able to get the the conviction down to a small fine. Thank you again to the team of amazing lawyers over at Devorsetz Law!

Fence Installation – The Garden State (NJ)

Fence installation in NJ is a craft that takes expertise and precision. Fence installation company, Reynolds Fence has managed to join both design and engineering to become one of New Jersey’s top fence installation companies.

They treat ever single project with dedication care and precision. It is because of this wonderful craftsmanship that they are rated as one of the top fencers in the tri-state area.

Vinyl, aluminum, chain link, split rail – they do it all.

When my wife and I wanted a new fence installed, we called them up and within two days they were at our house measuring for the project. The quote they gave us was very competitive too!

Below are some of the questions they asked us…

  • Would you like this fence to be for privacy?
  • Would you like this fence to be installed for safety reasons?
  • What types of fencing do you like?

We had a great experience with them!

Fence Installation Tips [Video]


Tour of Trenton NJ

Computer Support in Stamford, CT

The missus and I own a small (family) business over in Stamford CT and were in need of some computer support in Stamford.

This business requires quite a lot of computers and unfortunately my wife and I cannot handle updating, networking, etc. It’s just too much for us with everything else going on in CT and NewJersey! So we decided to call up a few friends and see if they could recommend an IT or computer support company. Most of our friends had dealt with the “big guys” and didn’t have pleasant experiences. A few dealt with the super small guys and didn’t have good experiences at all. But after talking with a few friends, I heard about Future Tech Systems.

I had never heard of these guys before but decided to call up the owner, Chris. I told him about the network problems we were having and that I also wanted to have a new phone systems installed. He was extremely helpful and had experience dealing with all of these systems and processes before. I was blown away! Well, I’m an old geezer and don’t know much about these technical issues but I’m glad I found Chris and Future Tech Systems.

If you’re in the Stamford CT area and need computer support, give Future Tech Systems a call. They know their stuff!

New Business in Town

A new business is in town!

Reynold’s Fence NJ – I actually wish I found out about them a few weeks ago when me and the wife were having our fence redone.

Viewing their website, it looks like they do vinyl, split rail, aluminum, chain link, and wood. I’m going to reach out to the owner and see if he would like to do an interview.

More coming soon….

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