Computer Support in Stamford, CT

The missus and I own a small (family) business over in Stamford CT and were in need of some computer support in Stamford.

This business requires quite a lot of computers and unfortunately my wife and I cannot handle updating, networking, etc. It’s just too much for us with everything else going on in CT and NewJersey! So we decided to call up a few friends and see if they could recommend an IT or computer support company. Most of our friends had dealt with the “big guys” and didn’t have pleasant experiences. A few dealt with the super small guys and didn’t have good experiences at all. But after talking with a few friends, I heard about Future Tech Systems.

I had never heard of these guys before but decided to call up the owner, Chris. I told him about the network problems we were having and that I also wanted to have a new phone systems installed. He was extremely helpful and had experience dealing with all of these systems and processes before. I was blown away! Well, I’m an old geezer and don’t know much about these technical issues but I’m glad I found Chris and Future Tech Systems.

If you’re in the Stamford CT area and need computer support, give Future Tech Systems a call. They know their stuff!

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