Update On Hiatus

I would like to apologize to my readers for the fact that I have not updated this blog in over three weeks. Unfortunately a family member of mine has been going through some rough times with an alleged DUI conviction. When traveling to Chicago on St. Patricks day this year, our family was stopped at a DUI check point. Of course some of us had a few drinks at dinner but none were intoxicated. The police officer decided to do a DUI test on my 83 year old mother who had 1-2 glasses of wine. The test consists of balancing on one leg, something she already is not good with (being 83). Of course, they decided to arrest her for failing the test and blowing a 0.003.

This entire ordeal has been very emotionally draining. Fortunately, we have been blessed with a group of lawyers that truly cares about our predicament – Devorsetz Law. I was referred to them by an old friend, John Reynolds (from Reynolds Fence) since they worked with a family member of his. They have been nothing short of amazing in this situation. The trial was yesterday and we were able to get the the conviction down to a small fine. Thank you again to the team of amazing lawyers over at┬áDevorsetz Law!

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